About the Collection

In early summer of 1990, Russian artists Tamara Dubinovskaja, Andre Aksenov and Vladimir Smatchtin were allowed out of the Soviet Union for an exhibition of their work in Berlin. Already amazed at their new personal freedom and as witnesses to the fall of the Berlin Wall, they were truly astonished at the turn of events which gave them the opportunity to create original paintings on authentic pieces of the Berlin Wall. It was these sections from which the Berlin Wall Art Collection originated.

In 1991, the collection was purchased by an American and shipped to Bath, Maine were it has been stored for the past 16 years. In early 2006, the Outdoor Arts Foundation was given the opportunity to acquire this collection, in its entirety; and, has worked tirelessly over the past year and half to bring the collection to the Tampa Bay area.

To accomplish this outstanding feat we first had to determine the authenticity of the collection. Outdoor Arts Foundation hired the one of the top research firms in the United States, CTL Group, to provide verification of the authenticity of the sections. A control sample was obtained in Berlin and was compared to a sample taken from a piece in the Berlin Wall Art Collection. Using advanced testing methods such as compositional analysis under a scanning electron microscope and petrographic analysis, CTL Group was able to obtain conclusive evidence that the sections were in fact, original pieces of the Berlin Wall.

Most pieces will begin a touring exhibition, kicking off in October of 2007 at Syd Entel Gallery. The touring exhibition is expected to last through November of 2009 (the 20th Anniversary of the fall of the Wall). For more information regarding tour dates and locations, please click here

A limited number of sections are being offered for sale to the public with prices ranging from $4,000 to $12,500. For a nominal fee, we can also custom fabricate a variety of frames to display your piece:

Aside from exhibitions organized by Outdoor Arts Foundation, the collection may be leased to reputable organizations for exhibits throughout the United States

To inquire about organizing an exhibition of the Berlin Wall Art Collection in your city, please contact our Executive Director, Jay Goulde at (727) 723-8620.

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