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About Us

O.A.F. Consulting Services

Throughout the years, we have developed a critically acclaimed ability to organize and execute never-before-seen projects.

Because our projects have been exhibited in high-profile venues; and, because we have received international media coverage, we get quite a few calls from organizations and individuals wanting to know just how we do what we do.

Although we'd like to help everyone out and share all of the knowledge we've acquired, it is not possible for us to do so with the limited resources we have at our disposal.

As a result, we've formed a new division of Outdoor Arts Foundation dedicated to providing consulting services for those looking to execute art-in-public places projects, installations or other creative artistic endeavors.

Our costs are moderate and are necessary simply to cover the and resources we must dedicate to make sure that by sharing our knowledge, we are enabling others to execute projects at the same level of quality and integrity that we have become known for.

Our organization has expertise and can provide assistance in the following areas:
Artist Relations
Event Planning/Management
Government Relations/Ordinances
Public Relations

To read letters of support written on our behalf, please click on the following:

  • Brian Aungst, former Mayor of the City of Clearwater
  • Kimberly Berfield, U.S. House of Representatives
  • Jerry Beverland, former Mayor of the City of Oldsmar
  • Devin Dutcher, The Dutcher Group
  • Brenda Geoghagan, Tampa International Airport
  • Cathy Smith, Psychological Assessment Resources