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"Leviathan" by James E. Tokley Jr., Eileen Goldenberg, Martha Deambrose and Students from Tampa Preparatory School

Date: January 2006
Size: 65' (H) x 43' (W)
Location: Partk Tower on the Corner of Tampa and Madison in Downtown Tampa
Sponsor: Psychological Assessment Resources, J.O. Delotto and Sons, Colonnade Properties & the Wilson Company
Poem By: James Tokley
Lettering and Design: Eileen Goldenberg
Border Artwork: Created by Students at Tampa Preparatory School, supervised by Martha Deambrose and Kaki King

Liliya Mzhen

Alexandra Stephen

Whitney Jackson

Naomi Ward

Amanda Francis

Eli Chase

Taylor Richardson

Jonathan Williams

Gabreila Amarchand

Brian Steel

Kris Oxtal

Callie Nobles

Jodene Shwer

Juston Knutter

R.J. Huss

Rachel Falor

Matt Stumpf

Madelyn Dillabough

Emily Auger

Latora Lofgren

Lindsay Blume

Sarah Baker

Sam Wiand

Stefan Stein

Elonna Bettini

Jenn Farrell

Amanda Woods

Christian Warner

Ben Sever

David Hicks

Samantha White

Carrie Field

Kelsey Jarrett

David Shin

Fawn Madonai

Emily Cartwright

Tiffany Dale

Cory Fernandez

Zach Shindelman

Kat Pekkala

Solange St. Kitts

Elyssa Edelman

Dan Pariseau

Brad Goldsberry

By JAMES E. TOKLEY (copyright 2005 James E. Tokley All Rights Reserved)

The first words
that Earth heard were mine.
I taught seagulls how to sing.
Before God fashioned humankind
or the land of Eden, I was King.
The mighty shark makes way for me
And the squid, with her thousand arms,
surveys my kingdom cautiously,
for fear that I may do her harm.

But I am David of the sea. . .
A bard with baleen dithyramb!
T'was Homer, learned his trade from me,
whose epic poems predated Man.

And yet, within my verse resides
the secret lore that Plato knew. . .
the place where great Atlantis lies,
in all its splendor, crusted through!

I am Leviathan, sleek and black. . .
The racing porpoise Pelorus Jack!
The throat that swallowed wise men whole!
The bone that broke Nantucket's soul!
The nightmare that poor Ahab knew
The harpoon mark that scars the blue
of a breast filled up with mother's milk
and spills vermilion on the silk!

I am the whale whose spiraled horn
protruding from his bulbous brow,
portrayed him as a unicorn. . .
a tale hard-put to disavow.

And whales who would the will to fly
on wing'ed fingers over the sea
their full sopranos pierce the sky
with siren songs that sing to me.

For, I am Gaia's other child
who tends her flock with a tender sweep,
who smiles for you his monstrous smile
And sings his verse, from the briny Deep!