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Collman Karsky Architects

Collman & Karsky Architects
4301 Anchor Plaza Parkway, STE 100
Tampa, Florida 33634-7525
Voice: 813.884.2000
Fax: 813.884.0700


The mighty Pirate's Cove was led by our Captain, Kirsten "Walk the Plank" Perez and First Mate & Keeper of the Cat O'Nines Tom "The Mauler" Thibault. The trusted Crew consisted of Rob "Rum Runner" Wilcher, Susan "Sandbar Susie" Felix, Mike "One Eye Mike" Dailey, Mike "The Bald Eagle" Patterson & Manny "Fearless" Perez.

Design Review Committee:
Rod Collman, Richard Pritts & Jeff Mendenhal

Materials courtesy of:
Collman & Karsky Architects
Parkside Building Materials
Safe Fire Protection
The Crew of Pirate's Cove

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"Pirate's Cove"


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