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Eileen Goldenberg & Students from Berkeley Preparatory School

Playhouse Designed by: Eileen Goldenberg

Playhouse Executed by:
Eileen Goldenberg, Terri Forrester, Anna Arcuri and Students from Berkeley Preparatory School

Playhouse Fabricated by:
Joe Farlow
(813) 805-2183

Playhouse Sponsored by:
Berkeley Preparatory School
Berkeley Preparatory School

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"Kids Rule" is a spin-off on Eileen Goldenberg's previous creation for the BowWow Haus project, which was aptly titled "Dog's Rule." Using a similar approach, "Kid's Rule" is a highly embellished, colorful and whimsical creation, intended to brighten the sprits and inspire creativity in the mind of any child. Goldenberg will be working with students from Berkeley Preparatory School to ensure the graphic elements of the house are by kids and for kids."

Eileen Goldenberg


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